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Education and Community

Community: Over the past several years the Quinnipiac Chamber has made a concerted effort to support our local community and nonprofit who serve those citizens and students in need.  These donations are from our Quinnipiac Chamber Charitable Trust and Chamber members and include but are not limited to:

  • Wallingford Emergency Shelter
  • North Haven Community Services Toy Drive
  • Holiday for Giving
  • Ulbrich Boys and Girls Club
  • Make a Wish
  • YMCA
  • In a Heart Beat

The Quinnipiac Chamber annual sponsors "Music Under the Stars", a program of the North Haven Community Services and Recreation Department.

Education: In the last decade, over $100,000 in scholarship money has been given to students in both the North Haven and Wallingford school systems for post-secondary education.

The Chamber Charitable Trust in conjunction with the Wallingford Public Schools was a major sponsor of the Credit for Life Program.  This event was hosted by the Wallingford Park and Rec with nearly 40 participating businesses and over 400 students from the Wallingford School System in attendance.

The Quinnipiac Chamber annually coordinates the Read Aloud Day Program for first graders in the North Haven and Wallingford school system.

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